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Ekaterina Kovalevskaya: «Children is my happiness»
Wednesday, 12 October 2011

121011_kovalevskaya.jpgThis time we have been talking about the life of Russian chessplayer, the vice-world champion, double Russian champion Ekaterina Kovalevskaya.

- What moment in your life was the happiest?

It was a birth of my son. I think it is the happiest moment in the life of every woman. Especially for me because he is the long-awaited child, very late. I had given a birth to him when I was thirty six. Vova was born, I saw him...and everything changed. When my husband asked me: «Can you compare it with your emotions when you reached the final of the World
championship?».What final??? It is important, remarkably, but so less significant! I sincerely wish all women to feel the same. Because inspite of your professional activity, real happiness is children!

Do you have an idol, person which you are guided?

– I don’t have an idol, but there are people who have a harmonious life. I sincerely admire those people who live full life, succeeding in business and in a family.

- Do you have free time for your hobby?

– I don’t like to miss my favorite movies. Everything depends on my mood: sometimes I would like to watch a melodrama, sometimes our soviet cinema. Actually I’m a big fan of the criminal serials connected with murders. People are shocked: «How can you watch such bloody films?».

- How do you usually rest?

- I like to spend time with my friends. But unfortunately my close friends remained in Rostov, and I live in Moscow now. Nevertheless, sometimes they come to my place, sometimes I visit them. Earlier I liked to travel. I have seen so much. For example, my best friend lives in Germany and I often flew to her place. I like to go to the theater. Sometimes if I have a mood
I can go for a walk – up hill and down dale. In Nalchik I go bananas from air (smiles). But I always knew that it is a good place and always wanted to come here very much. I’m glad that the Grand prix is held here. In the childhood we came to ski. Not to Nalchik, but to the next towns – Zheleznovodsk, Pyatigorsk.

- In what country would you like to live?

- I’m a cosmopolitan and probably I could live everywhere. Basically I like my native Rostov very much. My friends take offense: «Only we have understood that you always will be near to us as you have left». But the life conditions have developed so. My husband is a Muscovite.

- Are you a romantic person?

- Yes, I suppose I’m a very romantic person. And that why I like melodramas. There is a part in me which is very romantic. I am grateful to myself for it because it is very important too. It gives me any emotional feed...

- What moment in your life was the most romantic?

- The most romantic time I had when I was seventeen - eighteen … The first confessions in love, time when I fell in love… I can’t say that my husband and I absolutely don't have romanticism, we have, but it is a bit another now.

- What stile of clothes do you prefer?

- I love classics very much. Suits, heels …

- Do you like to go shopping?

- Very much!!! In this question I’m a real woman and the shopping-therapy is mine. I always liked to fly to Germany, there are such remarkable sales, that you can forget about everything!!! The husband of my friend always said: «I thought it is impossible to buy something else… but you had bought a half of a shop!».

-Do you speak German?

- I attended courses and studied it. Though there isn’t limit in this activity.

- Do you like to give and to receive presents?

- Both that and another. When I know that something will be important to a person I buy it with great pleasure. I always like to please my friends.

- What is your favorite holiday?

- New Year. Because New Year is the most romantic holiday. Though it seems I have everything in your life, but nevertheless the whole December I’m waiting for something, for the Miracle. And it is very cool!

Questions by Alina Kirasheva

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