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Intestine wars
Monday, 17 October 2011
WGM Anna Sharevich comments on the 8th round games

tuul-ju.jpgIn the 8th round the winner of the tournament was almost defined. While Zhao Xue won her 7th game, the persecutors sorted out relations with each other.

Munguntuul Batkhuyag – Ju Wenjun

Yesterday’s draw against Tatiana Kosintseva inspired the Mongolian player. Without any time losses the girls made first 20 moves in the Najdorf variation. If you looked at their clocks at that time it was like 3-4 minutes more than in the beginning. In some moment white afforded 25...е4 and the pawn passed to e3. But Tuul found the way how to take under control the white squares – she changed the knights and put the pieces on the right places. The game transferred to an interesting endgame – the rook and the bishop against the rook and the bishop with an extra pawn for white. Thanks to the tricky move 47.Ra6 Tuul converted her advantage into a victory. She won the endgame the queen and the f-file pawn against the rook and g-file pawn easily.

zhao-nadya.jpgZhao Xue – Kosintseva Nadezhda

The leader of the tournament continues her victorious procession. This time the victim became the elo-favourite of the tournament Nadezhda Kosintseva.  In the fashionable variation of Queen’s Indian the Chinese got the position with the minimal advantage. But the pressure in the centre of the board increased. Soon the real battle started. After the move 18…Bd5, followed by the typical piece sacrifice 20.Bh6. But that’s was only the beginning. Zhao decided to win not only the tournament but also our contest for the most brilliant move of the round - 21.Rd4!? Finally Nadezhda couldn’t sustain the pressure of the Chinese: she made some incorrect moves and didn’t notice the intermediate move 28.Bd8. The black’s position collapsed as a house of cards.

tania-lahno.jpgLahno Kateryna – Kosintseva Tatiana

The duel between two former European champions didn’t become the most exciting in the 8th round. It proceeded in a quiet key. It was the first draw in the round. The Nimzo-Indian defence appeared in the game. White gained some advantage because of two bishops. But after the queens were changed, it became clear that probably Tanya will save the position easily.

“To be objective I had good chances for the victory, - the Ukrainian grandmaster said, - but I lost some interesting opportunities, while my opponent protected tenacious...”

cmilyte-alisa.jpgGalliamova Alisa – Cmilyte Viktorija

An interesting and fighting game. Viktorija played the Benoni defence and rather quickly got a huge advantage. White wasn’t in an envious situation – all the pieces were situated on the first two lines. “I was afraid almost after every move, - Alisa smiled, - I have not repeated this variation for a long time and tried to find the right plan during the game”. Viktorija admitted that her position had been much better with many perspective plans and ideas, which she had simply missed.

koval-kosteniuk.jpgKovalevskaya Ekaterina – Kosteniuk Alexandra

The second Alexandra’s victory on the tournament and the revenge for the first stage of Grand Prix, where the former world champion lost the game to Ekaterina in the last round.

This time Katya chose the Reti opening where Alexandra hadn’t showed good results before. But Kosteniuk, who seems to fight against the fate on this tournament, crashed this tradition. The complex and strained battle in the middle of the game, the fight in a time trouble, equal ending – everything appeared in this game of Alexandra.

But probably that wasn’t Katya’s day and finally black used the opportunity 49...Nc4 and won the game. Maybe after this victory we’ll see real Alexandra again. There are 3 rounds ahead – the time to show all your best!

ety-zhu.jpgZhu Chen – Antoaneta Stefanova

The duel of two former world champions was the last one to end in the 8th round. Anyway the game made Antoaneta’s fans worry and in the end simply be disappointed with the result because of the second loss in a row.  The Slav defence transferred to the Catalan direction. After the move 12.е4 the concrete and complex play started.

“In a time trouble I made some strange moves, - Antoaneta shared with the journalists, - after that I got the drawn endgame, which practically happened to be quite complicated. But we played for a long time and in the end I got into a time trouble again and missed everything”.

“I was very lucky in the end! – said Zhu Chen. – To be honest I didn’t see how to win in that position”.
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