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Ju Wenjun: «Among Russian poets I know Pushkin»
Thursday, 20 October 2011
201011_ju.jpgIt happened that the youngest participant of the tournament Ju Wenjun has a wide range of interests besides chess.

– Is it important for you to get education?

– It is very important, life consists not only of chess and it is important for a person to be developed harmoniously. I study at the Shanghai financial and economic university.

-How do your friends and relatives concern to your frequent trips?

– They are worrying for me, but always support.

–Do you go in for any other sport besides chess?

– Yes, I like badminton very much.

– What did you dream to become in the childhood?

– Probably, the teacher.

– What style in clothes do you prefer?

– Free European fashion is more likely close for me.

– What actors do you like?

– There are two - Matt Daimon and Brad Pitt.

– Who is your favourite poet?

– If about Russian poets I know Pushkin.

– What could you wish for your admirers?

– I didn’t think that I have many admirers, but I wanted to wish them more joyful moments in their life.

Questions by Elina Rahaeva
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