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Nadezhda Kosintseva: ” I like to make presents”
Tuesday, 11 October 2011
111011-n.kosintseva.jpgIt’s the second interview from the series of materials where our heroes will tell about their life out of chessboard.

What kind of presents do you like to get?
I like presents in itself. But most of all I like to make them.

– And what about shopping? How often do you update your clothes?
Shopping is my weakness (smiles).  It doesn’t matter what tournaments I play and even it doesn’t depend on the result,  I should  buy something.

How do you prefer to rest?
My rest is quite passive.  I like reading, thinking about life and just doing nothing.

Do you follow literature novelties?  Which authors do you prefer?
I don’t know modern writers and even don’t like them. Most of all I prefer classics and like Remark very much.

– Are you fond of cookery?
– I cook very seldom and to be honest not fond of it very much.

– In what country would you like to live?

– In general the main thing is to be with my relatives, and it’s not really important in what country.

– How much time do you spend with your sister?
– ( laughs)  With sister – no. We meet mostly on the tournaments and even joke about it.
– More likely yes than it is present. Maybe as any  person, as  any  girl I like romanticism

– Do you drive a car?
No, I don’t.

– Are you fond of sports? If yes what kind?

Yes, I like sports.  Recently I have started playing tennis and ping-pong.

Questions by Liana Kodzova
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