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Stefanova and Chmilyte Russian roulette
Wednesday, 12 October 2011
cmilyte-stefanova.jpgWGM Anna Sharevich comments the 3rd round games

Stefanova Antoaneta – Cmilyte Viktorija

This game is really worth to be the most interesting and full of action battle of the round. After the opening the evaluation changed after every move, especially what concerned the play in a time trouble. Indian defense appeared in the opening. Viktorija got a better position, then winning position… But that was only the beginning of the real battle. After move 28… Qf7? Antoaneta had great chances to win the game. Because of a short time the former world champion didn’t manage to calculate the best possibilities and missed the advantage after 31.Bh4. The game ended with a perpetual in the queens endgame with 2 extra pawns for black.

The press-conference was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Girls joked and laughed at the game, because they both understood that it was like a Russian roulette. When Antoaneta heard that the program had evaluated the position as +4.5, she exclaimed: “What? Only +4.5!” and laughed. She added that probably 18.Rb1 had been a big mistake, after what 18… f5 had brought the whole initiative to black.

Viktorija added that the game had been very interesting and that move 22… h5 had given all the winning —Āhances to white.
Anyway the mood of the girls was great and we wish all of them good luck in the next round.

n.kos-kosteniuk.jpgKosintseva Nadezhda – Kosteniuk Alexandra

The game happened to be very fighting and very complex, inspite the fact that the Petrov’s defense arose. After the opening white was much better, but then allowed black to take 28… Ne5, after what the position was equalized. The desicive mistake was made by Alexandra on move 38… c5, when she blundered 39. Bc5!

In the press-conference Nadezhda said that her position had been better after the opening and the chances had been great. But then she had made some mistakes and afforded black to equalize the position.

Alexandra said that it had been more logical to put the knight instead of bishop on f6. She admitted that maybe it had been a point not to move 35… b6, and just had tried to keep the position and of course 38… c5 had been a blunder in a time trouble.

zhu-tool.jpgZhu Chen - Munguntuul Bathuyag

Slav defence arose in the game. Zhu Chen chose the variation with 4. Qb3. She managed to surprise the opponent with 14. Nb5, which actually wasn’t such a strong move. But Tuul underestimated this move and played too optimistic. Finally black lost a piece and lost the game.

During the conference Zhu Chen admitted that it wasn’t obligatory for black to lose the piece. But nevertheless she needed time to convert the material advantage into a victory.

Kosintseva Tatiana – Ju Wenjun

t.kos-ju.jpgTatiana chose the same plan in Najdorf variation that happened in the first round in the game of her sister and Ju Wenjun, but went aside on the move 14.Rg1. She got better position and played with some advantage but in a time trouble didn’t make precise move before the time control and Ju Wenjun managed to save the endgame.

During the conversation Tatiana agreed that she had felt the huge potential of her position during the game but actually couldn’t have calculated precisely the variations before the time control.

Zhao Xue – Galliamova Alisa

xue-alisa.jpgAnti-Meran variation appeared in the game, which didn’t bring any real advantage for white. Alisa got a nice position with many possibilities. But she wasted too much time and in a time trouble before the control made a decisive mistake 30… Rf6. After this move it became clear that c5 pawn will be lost and that only white can play for a victory.

In the conference Zhao Xue and Alisa shared their opinion on the game. Alisa said that she had wasted lots of time calculating the idea of d4 or c4, but finally hadn’t dared on it.

On the question about her leadership in the tournament Zhao Xue replied that she hadn’t expected that before the tournament. Also she added that she was very lucky in the game against Alisa.

koval-lahno.jpgLahno Kateryna – Kovalevskaya Ekaterina

Tarash defence happened in the game of two Ekaterinas. After the opening the Ukrainian chessplayer didn’t get any advantage. Black on the other hand got a comfortable position without any problems. But then simply blundered the pawn after 23… Qe7, which led to the rook endgame and finally finished in a draw.

Lahno told the journalists that she hadn’t got any that she had wanted in the opening and had had to trade the bishop 16. Bf6. And she also added that she couldn’t have understood why her opponent had given the pawn down.

After the opening Kovalevskaya had been very satisfied with her position and had been in a good mood to play it. The russian grandmaster explained that the pawn she had blundered, after what the chances to play for a victory had been lost.
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