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The interrupted song of Antoaneta Stefanova
Monday, 17 October 2011
stefanova-lahno.jpgWGM Anna Sharevich comments on the 7th round games

Stefanova Antoaneta – Lahno Kateryna

The interrupted song of Antoaneta. After three vicrtories in a row the former world champion played too optimistic in the opening and got a little bit worse position. But it didn’t mean that it was lost. Anyway Kateryna outplayed her opponent in the middlegame. Only in a time trouble before the control the Bulgarian player could try to find some chances to save the game. But some no confident moves afforded Katya to win the pawn first and then the game.

“I don’t think that this game will be included in a hundred best games of mine”, admitted Antoaneta with her usual good sense of humour. “Maybe I played not the best way with many mistakes, but nevertheless I won the game and of course satisfied with it”, added Kateryna.

zhao-koval.jpgZhao Xue – Kovalevskaya Ekaterina

Ekaterina managed to take the first half a point from the leader of the tournament. This game Katya played very well, got a huge advantage in the opening because of the opponents mistake 13 Rfd1 instead of Nc6 first. The Russian grandmaster missed a great possibility 20.Bd7 which could finish the game in a point for black. The game ended in a draw in the rook ending where black couldn’t realize the passive a-pawn.

In the conversation Zhao said that she had made some mistakes in the opening and had got a bad position, but had been really lucky to save such a game!

Katya admitted that she had had great chances to win, but missed them. Anyway she didn’t worry that she had been playing against the leader because they had already played many games against each other.

alisa-ju.jpgJu Wenjun – Galliamova Alisa

A very interesting and exciting game. The Chinese got an advantage in Lasker variation of Reti opening because of some Alisa’s mistakes. Anyway the battle lasted and lasted and in a time trouble the Russian grandmaster equalized the position.

“It was obvious that white got better chances to play for the victory but I guess that my opponent made s mistake when changed the second rook”, said Alisa. Wenjun told that she didn’t like to play the endings (this really surprised the journalists), but anyway was satisfied with the result.

t.kosintseva-tuul.jpgKosintseva Tatiana – Munguntuul Batuyag

The Mongolian player stopped the series of losses and saved a very suspicious position against the Russian Tatiana Kosintseva.  The luck helped her in this game. Tatiana said that in some moment had forgotten about the 3-times repetition in the position. Because the game should be won for white.

“I’m very glad that I managed to draw the game because I really wanted to stop this incredible series of losses. Anyway the mood is ok now and hope that it’s just the beginning”, added Tuul.

n.kosintseva-zhu.jpgKosintseva Nadezhda – Zhu Chen

White dominated, dominated, but didn’t convert it in the victory. The draw was agreed in the ending the rook and the knight against the rook. But the fight in it lasted for a long time.

“It was hard to understand that it was draw after such a hard and long battle where I had better chances”, said Nadezhda at the press-conference. Chen shared that the endgame had been complex enough but she had known how to keep it.

cmilyte-kosteniuk.jpgCmilyte Viktorija  - Kosteniuk Alexandra

The European champion proved her very high level and won the key game against the former world champion. In the opening white gained some advantage but it wasn’t so easy to convert it in something more. Nevertheless Cmilyte managed to try the keys to the opponent’s position even with some mistakes in a time trouble.

Kosteniuk didn’t like her position in the opening, but it was quite defensive. “Only in a time trouble I got some chances”, added Alexandra. “The game was very complex and probably it wouldn’t have lasted for so long if I had used all the possibilities”, said Viktorija.
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