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Victorija Cmilyte: In people I appreciate honesty
Monday, 10 October 2011
1011011-cmilyte.jpgThis interview opens a series of materials about the participants of the tournament, where they will tell us a lot of interesting, and not only about chess.

– Victorija, whom you dreamed to become in the childhood?

– When I was a child I would like to become a chessplayer. And as you can see my dreams have come true.

– What do you appreciate in people most of all?
– At first I appreciate honesty, it is very important in my opinion, and also sense of humour and goodwill.

– And what do you appreciate in men?
– (laughs) In men, perhaps, I like the same characteristic features. I don't do any division here. Besides, it is honesty, self-irony, in general, all the most positive.

– Are you a romantic nature, what do you think?

–  Well, I don’t really think so.
– In what town would you like to live?
 – I like Rome best of all, but I wouldn’t like to live there. I can’t call a town of my dream. I like travelling very much, I often go to tournaments and I’m happy with the place, where I live.

– And how do you usually celebrate the New Year?
– I try to spend this time at home with my family.

– I know, you have two children. Do you want them to follow your way?

– You know, the answer is ambiguous, - and yes, and no. Both of my boys play chess. But I suppose they will not become professional chessplayers. But if they want to play chess seriously I would be glad.

– Could you drive the car?
– (laughs) No.

– Do you like to receive gifts?
– Of course, I like it very much, as any woman.

– What kind of gifts do you prefer?
– As they say, gifts aren’t as important as attention, which people render to you.

Questions by Amina Maskova
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