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Xue and the others
Wednesday, 19 October 2011
WGM Anna Sharevich comments on the 9th round games

nadya-koval.jpgKosintseva Nadezhda – Kovalevskaya Ekaterina

The duel between the Russian chess players is always fascinating and uncompromising struggle till the end. In Rauzer variation about 20 moves have been played with incredible speed and only before move 21.Bd2 Nadezhda started thinking for the first time. «I remembered that it was necessary to transfer the king to g8, and the bishop to f8, but what to do after that I really didn't know», - Ekaterina told jokingly at the press conference. Also Nadya admitted that had overestimated the position.  

«It is obvious that 30.Qe3 would be better, than the mistake that happened in the game - 30.Re3», - said Nadezhda sadly. – «Actually tomorrow is my last fighting game in this tournament, because in the 11th round I’ll play against the sister. Anyway I hope that I can keep myself together and show the worthy game».

stefanova-zhao.jpgStefanova Antoaneta – Zhao Xue

The former world champion couldn't stop the leader of the tournament. The Chinese is too strong and successful on this Grand Prix stage. With black she outplayed such a brilliant chessplayer as Stefanova. By the way Antoanetа didn’t make big mistakes: simply step by step her position became worse and worse. An elegant 36 … e3 – the apogee of the precise play of Xue. However at that moment the Chinese player could feel weakened: her nearest persecutor (if we can only call so the player who is 3 points behind before the last 3 rounds) Ju Wenjun. Congratulations to the Chinese player!

zhu-tania.jpgKosintseva Tatiana – Zhu Chen

For the first time in this tournament we could see the French defence that, for example, was one of the three most popular openings on the World Chess Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk. But in the French defence the girls also managed to show the fighting spirit, having castled in different sides. However the struggle didn’t turn out to be so sharp. After move 17... f6 Tatiana had small chances to intercept the initiative. However Zhu changed the bishop 23 … Ba6 for the more active opponent, and has received an equal endgame.

«Chen, we have an impression that your favourite piece is the knight», - the journalists noticed. (In the last 3 games the Qatar chess player had the knight and the rook against the rook in the endgames). «Just on this tournament», - the former world champion smiled.

kosteniuk-alisa.jpgKosteniuk Alexandra – Galliamova Alisa

The second duel between the Russian chess players ended in Alexandra’s victory. Apparently the second breath opened for the former world champion. The game was bright, fascinating and, obviously, not without mistakes. A rare variation led to the sharpest play and it seemed that Sasha understood the position better. Alisa’s move 15 … Na5 was a bit not to the right side, but the fatal mistake was move 17... Bf6, in spite the fact it looked quite natural. But the "fighting" actions didn’t end. Alexandra changed the queens 23.Qb6 and Alisa got some chances to rescue the game. And if not a fatal blunder in a time trouble 36 … Kh7 the game could end at least in a draw.

Unfortunately this is not Alisa’s tournament. What about Alexandra’s fans – pity that she gained the good shape so late …

cmilyte-tuul.jpgCmilyte Viktorija – Munguntuul Batkhuyag

The European champion uncompromisingly tried to punch the defence of the Mongolian chess player, but "went a bit too far" transferring the rook to h3. Tuul equalized the position qiute easily and deprived white of the hope for a victory. Maybe Viktorija missed a good possibility to get an advantage in the opening after move 4 … Qb6 if she reacted 5.c5 forcing the black queen to lose important tempos. After quiet 5.е3 Tuul exchanged the bishops and one pair of knights, having received only a bit worse position.

“The oppponent has surprised me with a rare move 4 … Qb6 in the opening», - Victoria told. – «It seemed to me that my position was better, but actually it turned out to be easy defended for black».

ju-lahno.jpgJu Wenjun – Lahno Kateryna

One of the classical variations in Grunfeld defence arose in the game (for example, it appeared quite often in many games of Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov), in which according to Katya «it’s not so easy for white to get the advantage». Objectively the evaluation of the game had been equal since the opening, and the game turned out to be very dense without any "feats" from the both sides. After 22.Qхb6 it became clear that as a result of many changes the chess players will agree on a draw.

«What concerns my opponent’s play I was a little surprised with 13.а4», - Kateryna told. – Actually I’m not certain that I reacted the best way. However I couldn’t find something else during the game».
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