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Zhao Xue: “In my childhood I wished I were a policewoman»
Friday, 14 October 2011
141011_xue.jpgThis time we give you an opportunity to meet the leader of the tournament Zhao Xue out of a chess board

What is your favourite holiday in the year?
I guess it’s my birthday. But usually I celebrate it on the tournaments and sometimes even in Russia.

Do  you celebrate  your Chinese New Year and what do you usually  cook  in your family in that day?

Of course! But, to be honest I don’t cook well. But my parents prefer fish and vegetables on the New Year.

Do you have enough time to spend it with your family?
I play chess a lot, but I try to spend more time with the family.

Do you study anywhere?
I’m finishing my studies at the China University.  I study   politics.

How do you prefer to spend your free time?
Free time is a luxury for me. When I have a minute I spend it reading my   favourite books.

What about your temperament?
Well, probably I’m a sanguine person. I like to have fun and my friends find me to be a person with a good sense of humor.

If you have an opportunity to make a wish, what it will be?

Actually I would have two wishes: all the best to my family and friends and much success in my career.

Whom did you want to be when you were a child?
I wished I were a policewoman and help people.

What would you like to wish your fans?
I wish them health and much happiness!

Questions by Elina Rakhaeva
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